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Soffit Vent and Fascia Replacement in Winnipeg

At Mymryk Roofing & Eavestroughing, we offer excellent workmanship on installation of soffit and fascia. These architectural elements are vital to maintaining undamaged and leak-free roofs. We are Winnipeg’s premier installers of quality soffit and fascia, using only the best materials. Reduce the risk of timber rot in your house. Give us a call today and get a free estimate.


There are many reasons to go with us to get your work done, including;

  • Perforated vent soffit

  • Royal Aluminum products

  • 25-year warranty on materials

  • 5-year warranty on workmanship

  • Comes in various colours


Protect Your Roof

Properly installed soffit and fascia are very important to the integrity and maintenance of your home. Soffit provides airflow through the attic, reducing moisture buildup and lessening the chance of things like mold or ice damaging your roof system, and fascia provides the protection for the wood parts of the roof underneath. Having both properly installed protects your roof from damage and makes your home look more pleasing to the eye.


Don’t wait to get new soffit and fascia installed in your home. The longer you do, the greater the chance of it costing you a lot of money for major roof repairs. Call us today for a free estimate.

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